Landscape led suburban masterplan prioritising streets for people and the natural environment

Orchestra Land Ltd
Team Members:
Jas, Karolina, Varun, Nick
Match Landscape Architects, Arrow Planning, Mode Transport Planning, CSA Environmental, ES Landscape Planning, Bourne Heritage

We were approached to create an Outline Planning Application for a new housing development on an area of land south of Lower Nazeing in Epping. Allocated for a minimum of 93 homes, the site had several prominent natural features including an active brook, large mature hedgerows and significant level changes.

Our proposals act as an extension to the small suburban settlement of Lower Nazeing, with a shift away from low-density car-dominated housing models prevalent in the area. Key to the design was retaining the abundance of ecology and biodiversity and enhancing the site’s natural features to inform the character of this new neighbourhood. This landscape-led approach avoids large amounts of excavation by integrating innovative, sustainable homes with the natural environment, embracing the site’s varied topography to create a unique street character. The masterplan promotes pedestrian movement and public access as priorities - moving towards a ‘car-light’ approach. Passivhaus principles have been embedded within the masterplan through the orientation of housing typologies, the relationship between habitable space and amenity, and a reduction in form factor.

Our strategic vision builds on Lower Nazeing’s connection to the surrounding rural area, creating a form of suburban development that is conscious and respectful to its setting. We hope the masterplan will act as a precedent for sustainable, community focused development throughout the wider area.

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