Jas and Vicky to speak at a RTPI Sustainability vs Urban Design event

Reducing both embodied and operational carbon in the design of new buildings and places begins with an environmentally responsive masterplan. Many of the design principles associated with low carbon neighbourhoods are inherently compatible with traditional ideas of what constitutes “good urban design”, such as public transport, walkable neighbourhoods, and urban greening. Some principles of Passivhaus design, however, have a more nuanced relationship; creating a playful townscape vs simple form factor, blocks with clear front to backs vs maximising orientation for solar gain, active frontages vs aligning habitable spaces on south facing facades.

On the 10th April 2024 Jas and Vicky will be taking part in 'Urban Design vs Sustainability' - a joint event between the RTPI Urban Design Network and East of England Young Planners - exploring these tensions and how they might be resolved. Vicky is the current Chair of the Urban Design Network. She helped develop the event and will be co-chairing on the day. Jas will be presenting the practice’s cross-disciplinary expertise in balancing matters of design and sustainability alongside Jo Elnaugh, Principal Sustainability and Built Environment Specialist at Essex County Council.

The event will be held online and is free for RTPI members (non-member £25).

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